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10 – 16 November 2018

Coimbra, Portugal

Conference Topics
A wide range of topics involved in this pluri-disciplinar problem can be covered by the authors during the Conference.
 Papers or posters dealing with the most relevant topics related to forest fires on a scientific basis will be accepted.
 These topics are only indicative therefore submissions can cover other relevant aspects:

  • Human and Institutional factors
  • Forest management and Fire Prevention
  • Fire at the Wildland Urban Interface
  • Forest Fire Risk assessment and Climate Change
  • Fire Detection and Monitoring
  • Remote Sensing
  • Fire Management
  • Fire Suppression and New technologies
  • Large Fires
  • Fire Safety
  • Economic Issues
  • Fire Ecology
  • Evaluation and management of burned areas

Related events
V Short Course on Fire Safety
10 November 2018
VIII Short Course on Fire Behaviour
11 November 2018

The deadlines for participating in the Conference are:
Presentation of Abstracts
15 February 2018
Acceptance of Abstracts
30 April 2018
Full version of Papers or Posters
30 June 2018
Early Registration
30 September 2018
Early Hotel Reservation
30 September 2018
Definitive Program
31 October 2018

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