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Environmental Coordinator

Carson Forestry - Edmonton, Alberta (Canadá)
Carson Forestry is an expanding firm of professionals who provide operational, environmental and safety management services to clients in the Electrical Utility, Oil and Gas, Sand and Gravel, and Forest industries as well as to government agencies throughout Alberta.
Our diverse client base provides distinct opportunities, exceptional challenges and a work environment rich in variety. Carson Forestry provides flexible working arrangements, combined with an above average compensation and benefits package. Additional information can be obtained on our web-site at

We are currently seeking a senior Environmental Coordinator to join our team to coordinate the activities of Environmental Inspectors on our clients' projects. You will be expected to:
Focus on the success of our clients
Build and manage a team of environmental coordinators
Plan, conduct, and lead both field and administrative tasks associated with planning industrial projects on private and public lands across Alberta
Prepare documents for multiple stakeholders such as industrial clients, government agencies, operations contractors, and public stakeholders
Participate in the business development process
Commit to continual education and improvement

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