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CTFS-ForestGEO Grants Program

The CTFS-ForestGEO Grants Program provides opportunities for researchers, post doctorate fellows, and graduate students to use existing CTFS-ForestGEO plots to conduct research with scientists affiliated with them. Social scientists and natural scientists are encouraged to apply.
What types of projects will the CTFS-ForestGEO Grants Program support?
Anyone working directly in a CTFS-ForestGEO plot, analyzing plot data, or generating complementary data that strengthens CTFS-ForestGEO programs is eligible to apply. Projects can be field-oriented, herbarium- or laboratory-based, or analytical. Research projects can be either basic or applied in nature. Social scientists and natural scientists are encouraged to apply.
Who is eligible to apply?
The CTFS-ForestGEO Grants Program is open to all researchers, from graduate students to senior scientists. In some cases, advanced undergraduates will also be considered. Preference will be given to scientists in the countries with CTFS-ForestGEO sites and to all graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Applicants of all nationalities are welcome to apply.

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